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Nulise is 500 YTT certified, trauma informed and Off the Mat into the World educator. She received her first yoga certification in Kajuraju, India and went on to study under Dharma Mittra and his disciples in NYC and Miami amongst great teachers. Nulise has taught and led yoga retreats, teacher trainings and workshops all over the world for the past 10 years.


Yog, the catalyst to having a deeper understanding of self and connecting to ones’ spirit so fully that the freedom to love your life in the present moment becomes reality. The true experience of self awareness.


Raised in a religious household, I always had the notion that something greater than me existed. Left with unanswered questions, I sought my own truth. Finding meaning in music and through university psychology and philosophy courses, but it wasn't until I discovered meditation in movement that I began to make a journey of self discovery. I felt I was walking on air after every class, and understood there was something profound with this practice, which led me to seek more.

A true believer in ones’ discovery of conscious identity, in 2012 I left behind the corporate world to pursue my hearts’ desire - to help heal others through the power of yoga. I carried my intention to India where I completely immersed myself in the study of yoga. The intense beauty of living the practice in the Ashram impassioned me to teach traditional yoga fundamentals, with the goal of inspiring my students to find their own truth, as I did.

My intention... To create an inner journey for my students through wholesome practice, which is conveyed with sincere love and compassion.

My teachings… I incorporate music, mantras, meditation, and prayer to heal and empower the spirit.